ECCL's Craft Hub TT
Pop-Up Craft Markets

Highlights from The Craft Hub TT Independence Day Craft Market...

For Independence Day 2022, ECCL brought together Trinidad and Tobago’s biggest and best craft markets and collectives for one grand Craft market. Special thanks to Up Market, The Emancipation Village, South Market 868, The Kuttage, 36 Cornelio, The Black Market, Best Village and The Drag Brothers for collaborating with ECCL.

ECCL launches Craft Hub TT

The National Craft E-Store

ECCL has partnered with TSTT to launch an e-commerce platform in the form of an online craft store to be used by the local artisans to sell their products. This National Online Craft Store falls within TSTT’s Parlour e-commerce marketplace, providing artisans with the ability to showcase and trade craft products with networked delivery across the world; a contact-less and cashless solution for craft entrepreneurs. It is a robust online shopping destination where local, regional and international users can purchase craft products made in Trinidad and Tobago. Customers can easily browse products, filter searches by craft category or product type, identify special sales and make purchases.



Each class will be held two days per week, three hours per session, for two weeks. A total of four sessions per class. I have taken the liberty to provide information on the days, time, venue and responsible person and contact number for ease of conveying information to potential registrants...

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Monday 5th December and will be for a duration of two week, ending on the 16th December 2022

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