Our Mission

To provide guidance, research and support to producers of craft and fashion throughout Trinidad and Tobago so as to facilitate and promote their development and success


Why we help

ECCL will contribute towards economic diversity while enhancing the development and creative talent of our citizens. This transformation will hinge upon the enhancement of our human capital through education, training and youth development, as well as the transformation of our rich cultural diversity, history and heritage.

We are not alone

The ECCL is also aware of the global economic challenges faced by contemporary society. It follows that in order for us to grow and expand, the organisation must also adopt to the changes in our socio-economic environment by learning and adopting new means of production and techniques in craft.

Our Vision

ECCL sees itself as the leading institution involved in the revitalization of the local handicraft and fashion industry and playing a major role in artisan development


How we contribute

Craft cannot merely be viewed as a past-time or hobby. Rather, it has the potential of becoming a sustainable industry, capable of generating revenue, creating new avenues for employment and contributing to the GDP of Trinidad and Tobago.

What we do

ECCL can be viewed as a ‘developmental’ organization contributing to community development and social transformation.

The company’s contribution and impact on society

Brief History

The Export Centre Company Limited (ECCL) was established and incorporated under the companies Act of Trinidad and Tobago on July 3rd, 1996. ECCL was originally mandated to empower members of rural communities, particularly, female heads of households through the production of craft for the export markets.

During the period 2009-2010 there was a shift in organizational strategy with regards, the training programme was re-designed to incorporate a wider cadre of trainees and subsequent craft producers.